Saturday, March 24, 2007

Scientifik - The Most Blunted


Aj South said...
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Aj South said...


... you dont know how amazing this is. I owe you so much for making this blog. This has shit ive been really looking for. I frequent a lot of hop hop blogs but this has got to be the best. I just got a blog. Lemmie know if you ever want to do any trades or watever cuz im a hip hop head too and i got a lot of stuff.

Aj South

p.s. - i like that natas shit you got on there. you from detroit?

aim= ajjuggalo3975

donny said...

This blog is amazing

i agree completely w/ aj south

damn this blog is crazy, im telling everyone about this

keep it UP!


Anonymous said...

You are truly a legend.

Japan loves you.

Magga said...

i bow my head in awe for you all - THE SAMURAI WAY!

Jankas said...

Im just wondering if this is the re-issue that was released in 2006 w/Criminal by Scientifik...
If someone could tell me whether its the original or the re-issue it would be greatly appreciated