Friday, March 12, 2010's on...

I've started to update links. I will try to add some addisional info on what I have uploaded. Wise thing for new comers to then check out the start page of this blog... I will add info on when the link was updated so you know which one have been re upped when.


Brooklyn Zoo - The Year 2000

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Some final (boring) conclusive thoughts...

After given the idea of restarting the blog some thinking and procontra weighing, I feel like I really haven't reached any final conlusion. I do have decided to start updating old links; infact I've settled on the decision to update all off them.

But I'm not going to stop progressing, nor postpone, the posting off any other music that I feel you, my trustworthy soldier of listening and grooving, deserve to hear and enjoy. I was contemplating on starting a second blog, keenly dubbed "magga - goldenagehiphop links refreshed so know you know aiiight - blog ", but I've decided that such a solution is way to complex of an operation.

A much more simple solution would be to concentrate links on ONE blog. The real problem is how to avoid blog followers and "after comers", who haven't apprehended the music at all, missing the posting of links, and/or getting confused by the huge amount of material on this blog. It is difficult to have any real sense about what links are "alive" and "dead".

I don't really want to get caught up in a three part despensed work where I post new albums, update other albums, and then end up having to refresh the updated links continually... So, to all of you who follow this blog and know about people who desire these albums; be sure to let them know off this blog, that I am in the progress of reposting albums, and where to find the links.

I like the idea about spreading hype about a certain type of music, but I myself detest marketing hip hop as a commercial good, specially when the music is attached to my blog, and as such, is supposed to be at the mercy of my own self pretentious righteousness; I do have a really complex relationship with hip hop and rap. But I do take some pride in knowing that somewhere, on this little earth of ours, there are people on their way to work and school, listening and perhaps being inspired, by music that I post...I know I am.

I would like to keep links on this blog, but I do know that the sharking of links is not unavoidable. If you decide to do so, it might be fruitfull to let any other know that there is a concentrated blog with similar 90's vibe music.

As such, I beg for your patience while I reupdate links. Know now, that these links will be posted on old posts.

Hold your chin high...

Sincerely yours