Friday, August 25, 2006

Ya'll So Stupid - Van Full Of Pakistans

Strickly Roots - Begs no Friends

Jamal - Last Chance, No Breaks

Updated 2nd of april 2010

Contains remixes videos and instrumentals

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ras Kass - Soul On Ice

Updated 27th of march 2010

Soul on ice instrumentals and videos

Pete Rock and CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient

Updated 19th of march 2010

The Main Ingredient Instrumentals

Also contains remixes and videos

Jemini the Gifted One - Scars & Pain EP

Updated 15th of march 2010

Contains EP, instrumentals, video and remixes

Finally uploaded. Peace dawgs!

"The start of a very rigid blog..."

Being a rookie in the fine art of blog-making, I need to, as quoted by the famous David Letterman on his first show after 9/11; "Hear myself talk for a while". I have come to a conclusion that I want to create a blog, which aims at publishing various hip hop/rap - recordings from the mid 90's. The goal is very simple; to distract attention away from todays money vehicle hip hop. While some argue that hip hop and rap today still consist of diveristy, and a undeground scene too balance off the MTV-generated dimension in different magazines, radio, TV, internett etc, I remain critical towards post-Y2K music.

I am obsessed with 90's hip hop and rap, for the reason that the standard of hip hop from that particular age remain at distant mount everest heights. And to my great expectations, alot of people are starting to turn their nose backwards in time. They have, as I, discovered the wast slept on rap music industry. The share number of releases in 1992-1996, and the level off standard they were produced by, has lead to the fact that alot of good albums were overlooked. Albums that, compared to todays rap releases, are packed with quality emceeing and production.

I will therefore try to post as many releases(and tracks) from that age, overlooked or not, to spread awareness about 90's hip hop/rap. I will try to use rapidshare and megaupload as upload-links, but i dislike rapidshare for they're "1 download at 75000 mb per 70 minutes"- policy. The files will be compressed in win.rar, software that you may need to download. Compelled by this blog's optimistic future, I shalt test out how things work on I ask for your patience, and hope that you might report errors on files I might post.

Yours sincerley