Sunday, March 11, 2007

Justice System - Rooftop Soundcheck


Jaz said...

word up I have been looking for this one, thanks, you should include track listings and info about the group though.

Anonymous said...

Amazing release! These guys are actually still making CDs. Check their website:

I got a couple of their singles and unreleased tracks. I'll post em in a bit.


Anonymous said...

OK, here is the link to:

Justice System: Mobilize (Japanese limited ed. CD)
Justice System: Dedication to Bambattaa 12" (minus the two instrumental versions)
Justice System: Uncharted Terrain
Justice System: 2 unreleased tracks from an ill river muzic comp.

(Some tracks are duplicated on the releases, those are not included.. you can find the CD track listing and rename the duplicates to fill out the CD)

The Rooftop Soundcheck release was re-pressed by the band and is available from the above website, so don't pay lots of money for it.

I have the summer in the city 12" too, but no way to convert it mp3.... sorry, maybe someone can contribute that one.

I think this crew still gigs around NYC. Still all live instrumentation. They added a new MC at some point named Casstedaro. He also has a solo CD. The "band" of Justice System performs under the name of "Al's Grooves".

If you like any of this, pick up their new CDs. Good Stuff.


How's that from an anonymous response?

I'm looking for Sylk Smoov Bitch wit a good rap single or S/T if someone has it.

Magga said...

Damn son...Nice!

plejboy said...

i thank you magga, and i thank you hbs, for let me knowing this guys. i slept on this, and its dope. thank you guys!

Wahn G said...

I'm peepin' the LP just off the hype! Thanks.