Friday, April 10, 2009


Anyone who wants their link posted on my your links in comments


Anonymous said...


I would like a link, please :)

I've had your site linked for around a year now, really feeling it. I'm at, and as the title says, I specialise in out-of-print hip-hop, with a few mixtapes thrown in for good measure.


verge said...

A link would be a good look. Thank you much.
Mostly 90's Golden Era blog. We post twice a day, from out of print or unreleased demos to in depth analysis and critique. Samples and video, and much more. We've even been trying to connect with newer hip hop that's actually not crap, with our "Sounds Like The 90's" compilations.

Thanks alot, dope blog.

TripleStarFish said...

Thanks for the opportunity.

No, it's not about starfish haha. I mostly dedicate this site to hip hop, jazz, rock, and etc. from nationalities all over. I just started the blog so i'm hoping it'll turn out great as time passes by.

much props and nice blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey-How To?
Tutorials for your blog! Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easyshare...

le-mysterieu-mystere-du59 said...

si si slm le frére ca va ?? bien le blog dit moi c possible tu ajoute mon blog http://le-mysterieu-mystere-du59 a ta liste de blog ?? moi g dja ajouté ton blog dans ma liste de bon blog a visité si tu m'ajoute jte rajoute égalment en tant que partenaire ;) ti1 moi au parfum la famille !! jte remerci d'avance rho et jte souhaite une bonne continuation pour ton blog ;) a la prochaine chAllah peace

Yannick Jacob said...

Calling all bloggers!!!
I’m doing a study about HipHop and people’s motivation to be part of this whole thing, let it be as MCs, DJs, B’Boys, Writers, Producers or Fans. Please check it out and see for yourself whether you think it’s worth promoting.

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anotherdeadpoet said...

- virtual crate diggin' blog



TR1O said...

yeah, i would like a link too :)

I started this blog first 2 months ago, so it would be great support :D

thx. peace

Bill said...

i'd love a shout!

I'll be updating more from now on, promise!

Anonymous said...

why can't you use zip files,i love this site,but while WE were makin'the music,were lucky to be able to do zip files,lol.Honest ?,don't you believe that offering zip,or rar,is fair?If not,what would the harm be.I still purchase all vinyl,have a 9yr.old son i'm schooling well according to Bobbito's comment's to NY DailyNews,after witnessing our interaction during FATBEATS FINAL WEEK,i also enjoy having them in the whip,ENY is loving you(pause)but why make it more difficult on the heds that have lived &breathed this RESPECT lEGEND'S,&AGING BBOY'S alike