Sunday, June 15, 2008

Various Artists - D&D Project


Aiky said...

yo bro excellent work
i'd like to do a request do you have
hard as hell four from Harcore street rap innovation i think is a various cd or vinil dont know really



Keezy Carter said... click it for good music

monox said...

Sampleur-Samplé ( did a remix of AZ - AWOL album, just incredible: better than the original; if U wanna post it, it will be very cool

krayzee funksta said...

ayo magga , whuts good man?i wanted to ask you a favor.can you please add my link from my new blog to your link section?i will definetly appreciate this , yours will be up on mine too , no doubt.the name of it is "Blowin Up The Spot" and the adress is : .u'll find only 90s mad flava , i got that shit to break ya neck.tell me if u like it!peace , one.

Hip-Hop said...

Keep up the great work!!!