Thursday, March 20, 2008

Main One - The Birth Of A Ghetto Child



Anonymous said...

Yo wordup thanx alot for them uploads, straight outta Amsterdam i say: Thanx again!

I linked your blogadress to a graffitiforum with alot of Dutch heads on it, hope you okay with that!
Peace out

a hiphop addict

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say: i was so excited about that Nine album...finally i got it!!! Many many thanx, if you ain't okay with linking this shit to that forum just say so and i'll delete it....

But when i see your taste and style you'll probably down with it :D


Anonymous said...

Lovin the blog .. keep it up, i'm checkin back often!


A Pyrex Scholar said...

great blog guys.... some of my all tipe favorite albums on here. keep it comming