Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bahamadia - Kollage



eric said...


I only knew the featuring w/ kweli
thank you to make me discover
so much good old school hip hop
so much pleasure for my ears


Eric from Brussels

h_o said...

I really love this album and almost all the other stuff here, thank you very much for your efforts! This blog brought me back to hip hop after years of being disgusted by the whole scene.. Keep posting and take care!

Michael from Prague

KiLL the BuLLSH!T said...

One of the dopest blogs I've found yet. But is there any way of a re-up on this in mp3 format? I'm using a mac and there's no free converters. This page is bookmarked, I'll keep coming back.


Anonymous said...

mad props for doing the knowledge!

Sr said...


dead link
greetings 0/