Monday, August 06, 2007

Mic Geronimo - The Natural


Anonymous said...

Under in every sense of the word and its conjunctions: underground, undestimated, underrated.
Buckwild makes gritty headnodders for Mic Geronimo's Three Stories High, which is the definite fave, and all other shiny things on this album. A classic representer of the GA and worth the grab. I didn't cuz I already have, but promotion felt obligatory.
Thnx on be1/2 of those 2 follow.
1 Natural (3:12)
2 Lifecheck (4:04)
3 Wherever You Are(4:04)
4 Masta I.C. (4:16)
5 Man of My Own (3:57)
6 Time to Build (4:21)
7 Shit's Real (4:26)
8 Three Stories High(3:22)
9 Sharane (3:15)
10 Men Vs. Many (4:17)
11 Train of Thought(3:52)
12 Things Change (3:48)
13 Masta I.C. (Remix)(5:58) said...

Masta I.C. is a classic..

Stepin said...

Anonymous said it all. Very slept on classic !
Lots of people knows "Masta I.C" but there are so many better tracks ! "Wherever you are" is just an old school vibe with a jazzy beat, it rocks !
But my favorite is "Time To Build" ! This is simply one of the best song to teach hiphop to children : look, this is what Jay-Z, DMX, Ja-Rule were before the rap industry fell down. So scary...
I miss those days !

Boooom, i like the hardcore beat so much. And what about

enbob89 said...

dead link

corey said...

Can you re-upload this one. I remember my cousin had this a while back.