Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Walkin Large - Riverside Pictures


pryght one said...

damn... this one´s hiphop from cologne / germany... completely forgot bout those two guys... back in the days they had some heavy rotation over here...

Anonymous said...

big up for all the fresh drops recently magga

Magga said...

thanx for yout comments...appreciate it!

krayzee said...

yo magga mad props for the cover for this one.didnt have any clue about it.if i'm also postin' this comment can you please tell me if you have / can help me out with any of my requests :

azie - streetwise (1990)
darkman - worldwide (1995)
def rhythm productions - back to the lab (1990)
e.t.w. - stop the wild hype (1991)
empty pockets - who got the motts ep (1994)
fun-da-mental - seize the time (1995)
i smooth 7 - ghetto life lp (1995)
imara - flashlight therapy (1993)
incredible crew - not a dirty word (1999)
khaos & dba - honey glazed skins ep (1992)
markey fresh - once again it's on (1993)
mental dimension - md's...on the come in (1996)
omniscience - the funky oneliner (1993)
radical t - radical but critical (1991)
raw breed - killa instinct (1996)
strictly def - tales from the darkside (1987)
ten tray - relm of darkness (1992)
the underground - a small sample (1988)
too def connection - runnin' with the lyrics (1992)
unique - die hard (1989)
upfront rudies - real skills ep (199?)

waitin' for an!

Mad Human said...

krayzee, krayzee i have 80 % u request list

krayzee said...

then help me out and i'll up you out with anything ya want i have dawg.

Anonymous said...

yeah Mad Human, can you help Krayzee out? Cause I don't have any of that stuff either.

Stagalicious said...

If anyone posts Unique's Die Hard... legend status will follow.

Great work, Magga! Site's on fiahhhh!

maikefeng said...

link is dead... :-(

baghat said...

Khaos and DBA EP link

jonas said...

could we get a re-up of riverside pictures?

Denne bloggen er forresten veldig bra. props