Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Raw Breed - Lune Tunz



Chile con juevo said...

Very surprised by this LP. At first glance you might expect some very playful hip hop, and sure, there is some of this(the song titles are all derived from ol' skewl cartoons), but don't get it twisted. This is straight up New York City boom bap. The samples are funky as hell.

Oh, by the way, Magga. Excellent blog you got here. I've been reading a lot of these blogs and I can honestly say, this is easily the best.

Magga said...

I appreciate your review and express my gratitude for your devotion to 90's hip hop! Keep it real...! Aiiiight....chill!!!

Perfecta said...

wow, never thought i'd see this again, mad props on the link, you made my day!

ps, feel free to visit (maybe add) my blog .....http://the900number.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

це саме круте із того всього що я тільки чув, навіть ДА БУШ БАБІЕС, ен так круто вискочив