Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Volume 10 - Hip hopera



Anonymous said...

hi, nice blog. just thought I'd clear something up for you - this is not a "various artists" compilation. the album is called "hip hopera" and the ARTIST is some guys called called Volume 10. good album though...90's flava.

Magga said...

well...now I know...thanx

Anonymous said...

Hey fuzzz lemme clear something up for you as well-

Volume 10 is just one guy. He isn't a group. This LP came out when he went solo, after being a member of Freestyle Fellowship.

Anonymous said...

great album - i m so glad i found this on mp3, since i only got the vinyl of this and no chance to rip. thanks a lot for this one !

subtitle said...

he was never from fellowship, although he was a heavyweight and on the project blowed album.

Anonymous said...


no one no where said...

He is a heavyweight, but he was also a member of Unity Committee (straight from the man's mouth).

Anonymous said...

word dis is 1 dope lp
pistolgrip punk
a real freestyle

3 classikz yall

nappie rash